What is a 360 virtual tour?

A 360 Virtual Tour is a sequence of panoramic images that are ‘stitched’ together to create a virtual experience of any location. Once published it gives an opportunity for the viewer to experience what it’s actually like to be in that environment. The 360 virtual experience can be viewed through an internet browser on any device such as a desktop, laptop, tablet or a mobile phone but is best viewed through a VR headset as that gives a much more immersed experience. These tours can also include sound effects such as music or narration, videos to showcase a particular service, pop up windows such as a web browser so the viewer can purchase products directly, and other hotpots, buttons and clickable objects that present information and take the audience on an enjoyable journey.

Who uses 360 virtual tours?

Nearly every industry can benefit from a 360 virtual tour below are just a few examples.

Travel Industry. Tourists naturally want to know a place to see if it’s suitable for them before spending thousands booking a holiday there. Virtual 360 tours can make this a reality by providing the holidaymaker with a clear view of notable tourist attractions, local hotels, restaurants and other amenities that are on offer.https://alt.3dvista.com/samples/zanzibar_villa_turquoise_virtual_tour.html

Retail Industry. Companies with shops or showrooms can display products 24/7. A panoramic view with the option to navigate around the store is a great way to showcase any business. Information pop-ups of particular products with the option to make purchases, to play promotional videos on a superimposed big screen or even the chance to play a game or take a quiz, is a great way for customers to engage and interact directly in a virtual store.https://www.paspro360.com/clienttours/houseofeden/index.htm

Educational Institutions such as private schools and universities all compete to offer places at their establishments. A 360 virtual tour of a campus can highlight the architecture and all the unique features that are offered giving prospective students and their parents the opportunity to virtually walk around visiting classrooms, libraries and state of the art facilities making the educational facility come alive giving visitors a realistic view of what to expect.https://www.360marketinglab.org.uk/clienttours/roedean/index.htm

Estate agents have realised that virtual tours give the potential buyer the chance to view a property several times without having to visit the property in person; this is particularly useful for overseas and out of town clients saving time and money for all  benefactors.https://www.mark360virtualtours.uk/tours/IW_Queens_Drive_CWB/?fbclid=IwAR1Lkwl02OkojTHz6WCAEBdf0EzoVKydLdy2vrEofRQnV1LhPmmoXEWAz7k

Manufacturing industries can benefit from 360 virtual tours by giving a realistic representation of the business attracting new custom. Videos can be created to show the production process and tours can also be used to train employees in areas such as health and safety awareness using hotspots to give information highlighting hazards that can be incorporated into an e learning program.

What are the benefits of a 360 virtual tour?

  • Allows you to show your business in a way that photos and videos can’t
  • It boosts your revenue by attracting more custom
  • Helps to keep up with modern technology and will make you an industry leader!
  • Helps your business gain more exposure
  • Increases customer engagement
  • Makes your business stand out, giving you more visibility
  • Makes customers more likely to visit your business instead of your competition
  • Show off your facility 24/7 in a memorable way
  • Transparency makes you more trustworthy to your prospective clients 
  • It’s an innovative, smart and unique marketing tool
  • Google favours 360 images over standard photos and video ranking you higher in their SEO.
  • It’s compatible with VR. A technology due to outstrip all other media by 2025.


It is now, more than ever to essentially stand out from the crowd, a 360 virtual tour will do just that by giving you the edge over your competitors ensuring potential clients choose you.

We live in a dynamically changing world where the recent pandemic has forced many companies out of business because they were unable to adapt quick enough. With new strains emerging and winter approaching we are not out of the woods yet.

Companies that do well are those with the foresight to adapt, move forward and constantly improve by keeping up with technology, they look at new ways to do business and to interact with their customers in a safe and more meaningful way. 

If you have any questions about a 360 virtual tour then please get in touch. At PasPro360 we are always happy to help.

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