The world moves fast. New problems need innovative ideas to solve them. Whether you want to give your brand a leg-up with standout advertising campaigns or create immersive games and experiences that people just love to use, PasPro360 can help.
Learn more about what’s possible, and the many ways you can leverage this new and exciting tech to your advantage.

Fully Immersive Experiences

There’s nothing quite as immersive as virtual reality - and with so many possibilities, it’s up to you what you create.

Remove Barriers

Meet people from all over the world and interact with them as if they were standing right next to you. Anything is possible in VR.

Get People Talking

Stir up a buzz with innovative, immersive and memorable experiences people love to use and share with friends

Get The Advantage Over Your Competitors

Stand head and shoulders above the competition who aren’t yet utilising this new tech

Improved learning

Learning in VR has been proven to improve retention and recall by simplifying complex problems and situations

Remove The Risk From Training

Create realistic environments which have no risk, removing the danger element of any training situation

With virtual reality, the sky is no longer the limit – your imagination is!

Fully customized applications targeting your - or your customers needs

Interact with virtual worlds in an immersive way, using your sense of sight, sound and even touch to bring the virtual world into reality

Import 3d models showcasing your current or future products in fine detail

Add an array of multimedia to any VR project such as 360 video, photo’s, web frames and much more

Build a game from the ground up, with full control over the theme, flow and vision - either as a single project or to complement ongoing campaigns

Create immersive virtual reality training experiences that allow staff to engage and learn to solve problems far quicker than with conventional methods – whilst removing all of the risk associated with health and safety scenarios.

VR can be used to successfully overcome fears and anxieties, as well as to aid vulnerable people with disabilities and conditions to live a more fulfilling life. We can work alongside therapists to create a wide range of apps.

Immerse users in a virtual world they’ll want to explore and enjoy – either solo, or with friends. VR games stimulate their visual, hearing and touch senses to make them feel like they’re actually there – it’s an exciting new market.

Working less at the office, but still want to have that air of professionalism? Benefit from the best of both worlds, with carefully-crafted virtual offices that perfectly showcase your brand, whilst allowing you to interact with colleagues from anywhere in the world.

Below we’ve outlined everything you can expect when developing a VR solution with PasPro360:

Step 1

Get in Touch

Get in touch with us via form or email and tell us what you’re looking for.

Step 2

A free consultation

This is where we establish the scope of the project, the type of project and the timeline of the project. This phase will include the roadmap for bringing your virtual world to life

Step 3


Once you’ve approved the work, it’s time to design and develop the base we’ll use to build on, including 3D modelling, texturing, and user interface design

Step 4


Now that you’ve signed off on design, it’s time to develop your application - this will vary depending on its nature. Typically this phase includes programming to code all those designs to life, and make them react the way we want

Step 5


Nothing is ever perfect first time (but we get as close to it as possible!). This phase involves all debugging and further polishing of the project until you’re 100% happy with the end result.

Step 6

The big unveiling

We’ll show you the finished product and get your final sign off, before sending the product to be published (alternatively, we can publish it on your behalf).