With Virtual Events you can instantly open up your ideas to a wider audience, who are able to access your interactive content through almost any device – be it a VR headset, a Windows platform, Apple device or smartphone.
Read on to discover what’s possible when you create your own VR event.

A fully immersive space

Whether you’re creating a virtual office, gallery, exhibition - or something else entirely - there are no limits. Immerse clients and leave a lasting impression.

Remove barriers

The beauty of VR events is that you’re able to meet and interact with people anywhere in the world, as if they were in the same room.

Create a shared experience

Hosting a virtual event can generate a bit of a buzz. Create events people want to experience and share with friends.

Get an edge over your competitors

Utilising new tech can help you get an edge over your competitors, and help deliver the WOW factor to make you stand out.

Improved learning

Education events in VR are proven to improve retention and recall by simplifying complex problems and situations in a visual way.

Remove the risk from training

For training events, replicate realistic environments whilst removing all the risk from any training situation - such as height work, or complex scenarios.

Ease of access - Works on any device, from VR headsets to smartphones

Display a plethora of content - From videos, 360° media, 3D models, live streams, presentations and more

3D surround sound - Speak and listen to people as if they were really there

Full control - Over what people see, how they interact and even who can join, when

Customised avatars - Allow users to choose their own avatars

Switch between scenes It’s easy to switch up what people see with just the click of a button

Draw in the air - Perfectly illustrate your point by drawing in the virtual space. Who needs a whiteboard?

Interact with virtual objects - Navigate to, open up more information on and move objects in your virtual event space

Step 1

Send your clients a link

Just like you’d do for a Zoom meeting

Step 2

They click on the link

And are transported to your very own unique, virtual world or event

Step 3

Talk, interact and be immersed

Your client (or visitor) is able to enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience entirely bespoke to your brand.

Step 4

Track how many people attended

View how many people attended your event, and the devices they used to do so. It’s really that simple!

Explore our virtual events

Showcase your exhibition or physical art gallery – virtually! Instantly increase your reach, allowing people from all over the world to attend your virtual exhibition or gallery. Give your clients a more personal experience than simply visiting your website. 

With the help of 3D models, images and videos, you can showcase exhibits, art or products and bring them to life at a fraction of the cost of an in-person event.

Why go to an office meeting when you can bring the office meeting to you? Intermingle with your colleagues, share ideas, and make plans together in a virtual office that’s completely customizable to your brand. 

Make presentations, and present content through various mediums like images, videos, documents, and draw in the virtual space. Just because you’re apart physically doesn’t mean you can’t still get creative together.

Virtual events can be a powerful educational tool to perfectly demonstrate and bring to life a range of different scenarios, allowing you to teach in an interactive, engaging way like never before.

Biology teachers can show their students a 3D heart pumping, whereas history teachers can bring students into a virtual roman world; with such a tool, the possibilities are virtually endless!

A recent lack of social interaction has affected us mentally, physically and financially. Virtual events are a way of taking back our liberty in a safe environment, allowing us to interact, intermingle, make new friends and meet people anywhere in the world.

This platform is also a great, refreshing way to jumpstart your company or product. Listen to songs, watch movies or videos, and overall have fun whilst still making it a valuable experience for all involved.