George approached PasPro360 looking for a solution for his art business. He is a Nottingham based art dealer who like so many has been hit hard by the pandemic. Due to covid 19 he was unable to open his gallery and go to art fairs to sell his craft. So he needed a new way to interact with clients so he could carry on selling his art and one that would still work after the pandemic increasing revenues for him.



We met with George remotely in our VR office and decided on the best course of action. He also wanted a solution so he could hold a series of covid free exhibitions whilst in lockdown so he could interact with art lovers again. We created a Virtual Reality Art Gallery and a 360 virtual tour for his business. We carried out the photography, provided him with a promotional video, we built all his 3D models, created the VR environment with a waiter to serve cocktails with a portal to his 360 gallery, we helped him promote the event by creating an animated poster for his social media. Whenever he holds one of his events one of our team member is always on hand to help host the event.


The 360 Virtual Tour and Virtual Reality Gallery has been a great success, his sales picked up, his clients were amazed at what was created. He sold pieces to clients from America, Canada, Japan and Finland who would never of walked into his actual gallery in Nottingham therefore opening a wider, worldwide market place for him. He regulary holds VR exhibitions with guest artists where art lovers from all over the world can interact with George and his artist discussing their love for art. It’s also given George the opportunity to sell his art privately with foreign clients face to face with private meetings in the VR environment. This has created a ‘buzz’ in the art world and this VR project was featured on a program by the BBC.

“I think that the effort that everyone has clearly put into making this work speaks for itself. I can only compliment the design team on this for accentuating George’s artists in such a great way. I feel humbled.”

Sam Peacock