Augmented Reality is an interactive experience where objects in the real world are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information. The user can either wear glasses or use their mobile to interact. A good example of AR would be Pokemon Go an app that allows you to see characters that are imposed in the real world.

Nearly every industry can take advantage of Augmented reality.

Through the power of AR technology we can further enhance the users experience when it comes to either training or education. For children who have difficultly in reading and learning, AR brings another layer to help the children become immersed in books, they can see the characters they are reading about come to life, they can interact with them further engaging with the particular subject.

For training purposes AR has the capability to help people gain a better understanding of their working environment, using UI overlapping real world to guide or explain the scenarios.

By using AR we can engage users to any particular topic in a more interesting manner than a simple advert or picture, imagine a magazine cover coming to life through your mobile, its engages the user allowing them to interact and gain much more information that can be attained from a single magazine page.

If you are a clothing brand, your customers can overlay the items in your catalog against a video of themselves so they can see how the item looks on them before making a purchase. This saves money for the brand as consumers know the item fits and looks good on them before they buy, eliminating the need to return the item.

Or perhaps you are a gallery owner. we can bring your art to life, as any user who wishes to come and see your art can view the art animating or telling a story when holding a camera at the piece. Now they are able to see art in a completely new way through the use of AR.

AR can either compliment other applications or can be used with solo capacity. IKEA uses AR in one of their apps where you can see how a particular piece of furniture will look in your house by simply placing an augmented object there. There are many way that this tech can be utilised.

Nowadays people listen to books more than reading them, they have found new ways of taking in digestible information. For children it is not easy to get them to engage in books as they are more interested in their mobiles or tablets, buy combining both we have a mobile book, but with AR we can make that book come to life and the children can interact and read along with the characters making it a much more fun and enjoyable learning experience. In a classroom environment, older children could wear AR glasses allowing to see the teacher or presenter and also overlayed interactable objects in their perceptual view.  Imaging the excitement of an autistic child pressing a button and seeing their class room come to life with turtles and fish swimming around them.


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