Although our core services here at PasPro360 are 360 virtual tours and building VR environments, we do offer other services that can be provided as standalone services. Whatever your needs, our designers, software engineers and teams of professionals have it covered.
Unlock the best way to view and interact by creating a virtual world with 3D modelling. Designers and architects can perfectly visualise an idea before it goes to the design phase with custom-made 3D models.
Our experienced team is able to create models that are user-specific and fulfill your needs. From factory components to showcase in 3D, creating assets to complement a virtual environment, to vehicular models and avatars, our team can do it all.
Represent your structures in a simplified, easy-to-digest way with architecture visualisation. This is usually something that’s beneficial before the construction process, although they can be used for improvements to existing architecture.
Visualisation is popular because it helps stakeholders get a feel for what the resulting structure will look like – as opposed to just squinting at blueprints that hold little value to those who aren’t architects. It can also help attract public interest.
Create an engaging, multi-platform gaming experience people will love. We develop multi-platform VR and AR games for platforms such as the Oculus Quest 2, Windows and Android.
Depending on your needs we can design and develop a game that can work on multiple platforms. Craft anything from puzzles and adventure games, to educational games to target specific audiences. The possibilities are endless.
Captivating aerial images have never been more achievable with the introduction and evolution of modern drone technology – making it a more cost-effective option for your film or promotional footage.
With drone services from PasPro360, your images can take flight like never before – without the need to hire a helicopter for the day! Our professional drone experts will acquire all the necessary permissions before capturing your images and film.
Build a powerful brand identity with a strong video that can beautifully relay your message whilst keeping your audience engaged. Whether it’s promotional training videos, or adverts that’ll spark the imagination, we’ll always hit the mark.
Breathe fresh life into your brand with bespoke, eye-catching designs and animated posters you can share on your website – they also look fantastic on social media. Just be prepared for all the attention you’re going to get!