Who We Are

PasPro360 is an evolution of Pas Productions; originally a video and photography service for skiers and snowboarders based in the Pyrenees mountains that started in the early 2000s. As times changed and technology evolved, so did we.

We’re now based out of the East Midlands, UK, and have a team of dedicated professional developers who are ready for any challenge you’re ready to throw at them.

Our Story

We’re a forward-thinking design agency committed to developing VR and immersive tools that help businesses who wish to grow with new and innovative technologies whilst engaging with their customers in a meaningful way.
Here at PasPro360, we have the tools to build new VR/AR and 360 experiences from scratch, either as a standalone product, or to enhance your existing content and position in the marketplace.

Mission statement

It’s our mission to provide immersive digital experiences for companies that wish to further enhance their brand. We strive to push boundaries and change perceptions; to approach things in new ways to help you continuously improve.

Values and ethos

As a business we also strongly believe in giving back. Immersive technology is for everyone, and we would like to improve the lives of those in disadvantaged positions who currently have little or no access to these experiences.

We’re working on a scheme where we’ll donate a percentage of our income to pay for disadvantaged children to go on courses provided by a 3rd party VR education academy, to encourage and inspire them to be VR content creators of the future.